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The Big-G

Graham's home.

  Graham Alexander Phillips is a retired Tugs Master,who had many adventures at sea, then opened up a business as a Painter and Decorator, this having been taught to him in his progression through the ranks from cook to Captain. The Captain always had a keen interest in music and taught himself to play guitar and keyboard from there, came an interest in recording. Now the Captain has written and produced five songs and five short stories, he would like to share these with you. During his time as a Painter and Decorator, there were times of little work to be had, and not wishing to be idle he diversed into other trades in the building industry. He worked as  a bricklayer, a carpenter, and a tiler and in fact spent six years working as a Prison Auxiliary officer in a local prison. You will find a song that he has written that will explain his opinion of the Prison Service. Having worked with Russian men on one of his ships he now has an interest in the Russian language and has been a student of the Russian language for six years. Progress is slow but rewarding. His hopes for the future are that he will remain fit and well and continue to enjoy his life as he enjoys it now.He hopes that all visitors will enjoy this web site and feel free to leave any constructive comments. (people need people) (Нам не жить друг без друга)  



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